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Von Hardenberg Water lilies grows and offers for sale, healthy, established, 3 gallon hardy water lilies, as well as pond plants for your pond. Our waterlilies will provide an instant focal point in your water garden. Providing good service and a quality product are important to us. We hope you too, can experience a beautiful water lily in your water garden.



All #3 Hardy Waterlilies $45 / Current availability list:


• Nymphaea (Attraction)

• Nymphaea (Almost Black)

• Nymphaea (Masaniello)

• Nymphaea (Perry’s Baby Red)

• Nymphaea (Splendida)



• Nymphaea (Charlene Strawn)

• Nymphaea (Chromatella)

• Nymphaea (Texas Dawn)


• Nymphaea (Colorado)



• Nymphaea (Gladstone)

• Nymphaea (Gonnere)

• Nymphaea (Marliac Albida)



• Nymphaea (Mayla)


• Nymphaea (Somptuosa)

• Nymphaea (Pink Beauty)

• Nymphaea (Wilfron Gonnere)


Pond Plants

• Pickeral Rush (Royal)  #2  $25

• Thalia Dealbata  #2  $25

• White Rush  #1  $12


Contact Us:

von Hardenberg Water lilies

Maple Ridge BC Canada

Phone/Fax 604-462-9244

Email: vhwaterlilies@gmail.com



Terms and Conditions: Our plants are guaranteed healthy and of blooming size at our nursery. Prices are subject to change without notice. All prices are F.O.B. our nursery

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